Senior Advisor

David Shimon, MBA, is an experienced executive in the renewable-energy industry. Skilled in bridging the gap between concept and execution, he turns ideas into reality. David has vast professional experience in marketing and business development for start-ups.

Solar Advisor

Dennis Emberling is an authority on residential photo-voltaic solar and president of Solar Consumer Advisor, a prominent nonprofit advocating on behalf of solar consumers. He has conducted extensive research, analysis, and evaluation of technical, financial, environmental, demographic, and regulatory aspects of solar. His proprietary algorithms for system sizing have permitted custom calibrations of forecasting software.


Nissim Levy (Ret. Brigadier General, Israel Police) Nissim joins EA Solar as a Vice President of Logistics. Nissim has an extensive background in areas of management, command and logistics. He has 28 years of service in the Israeli Police, as district commanding officer, including in the Police headquarters. In his service, Nissim was appointed the Head of the Israeli Bomb Disposal Division and under his command, there were 15 Bomb Squads that were spread all over Israel. These units were responsible for Homeland Security, counter-terrorism, and preventing criminal activities. In addition, Nissim dealt with the development of various projects, research and development, and logistics operations. Later on, he commanded the Northern Districts with 8 police stations (blue uniform) with 1,300 police officers. In his last role, he served as the Commander of Israel Police Senior Officer Academy. Nissim graduated from Haifa University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, and Master’s Degree in National Security from Haifa University and Israel National Defence College (INDC) in collaboration with Israel Defence Forces (IDF).


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