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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Panel System Explained and Q&A Session

December 9, 2019

Solar Energy Introduction

We all know that Solar energy is a no-brainer but it’s always nice to hear some more reasons why that is.

David Shimon gives a brief presentation about Solarimon at Prime Time’s networking event in Miami.

Below is a transcription of the video. 

David: Basically we started and we talked about what we are thankful for. Of course I am thankful for my family and everything that everybody else said, we are all human beings and we are thankful for our surroundings. I am also thankful for nature I am thankful for the sun thats shining every day. I’m in the solar business so how can I say otherwise.

I am also thankful for my friends here who are not just friends, also clients and we do a lot of business together.

So what is solar energy? I mean we hear all about it. Quickly, I just want to let you know. Today it’s a no brainer because if you have a home and you the space on your roof and you don’t put a solar system, you’re just wasting money.  Because the solar business we do, are basically just converting people from users of electricity, from renting electricity, we convert them to owners of electricity, we actually build a factory of energy on your roof. What this graph shows is basically the projectile of the future rates increases of FPL, overall between n4-5% increases every year.

We tailor system to your needs, we provide 100% financing so instead of paying solar companies fees that increase incrementally and will cost you in the span of 20 years 10s of thousands of dollars and you get nothing back out of it. So when we convert you as an owner of electricity, you end up owning the electricity so when you pay your monthly loan, two things happen. It does not have an affect on your credit , doesn’t affect your borrowing power. Every one of your payments, You are actually end up paying yourself.

Own Your Energy Don’t Rent it

It’s the same example as owning a home or renting a home. When you own a home you’re paying yourself, because eventually the payments come down to 0. The exact same thing with a solar system. When you get a solar system you’re not just making the world a better place and you’re not just reducing pollution for our future generations, it actually saves you money, a lot of money. In the first year you may have around the same payments as you would be paying electrical bill, but as the electrical bill goes up, you’re staying on the same fixed rate, with zero down payment.

So actually, when we meet people, you don’t pay any money. You just get onto the program and you pay what you pay approximately to the power company, except now you’re paying yourself. Because you’re paying it down and eventually its zero and your electrical bill becomes zero. We use state of the art equipment

(refer to slides). These are inverters. They are basically the brain of the system.

State of the Art Equipment

Everything we do is really state of the art. We are the only solar company that have self-cleaning system. We are exclusive owners of that technology in florida. No other company provides it. It’s a computerized sophisticated system, washes the panel with natural water, no  chemicals, doesn’t affect the warrantee on the system which is a warrantee of 25 years. So this system washes it , so in dry spells, dust and all that, it maintains the efficiency of the panels to a level of 100% efficiency based on manufacturing specifications. No other company in florida can do that, we do that, so again it makes it a no brainer.

We have an amazing team , if anyone has any questions, I’m read to answer

Questions & Answers

“What about tax refund?”

“Right now the government is encouraging people to convert to renewable energy and renewable energy is what we are. So the government gives 30% actually tax refunds, so the taxes you pay, you get 30% of the cost of the system in a check, you can do anything you want with that check, you can pay down some of your principal, or you can buy yourself a new  car, it’s a significant check. It’s being reduced by the end of this year to 26% , it’s still a significant percentage .

“What happens when there’s no sun for a few days?”

“Great question, unfortunately I didn’t have enough time and I don’t , thats what that slide was about net metering . We designed a system to be perfect to your needs. So we don’t make it bigger so you don’t have to sell to FPL. You can sell it, but you will get 5 cents per watt while you’re paying 12 cents per watt. So it’s a great question. The system is designed to overproduce when its sunny , we base in on 5.76 hours of sun a day, and as you know, this is the sunshine state, we have a lot of sun but scientifically is only 5.62 hours, considering rainy season, nights and all that. So we base the structure of the system that way. So the excess energy is stored on the grid. And the law made it very favorable to solar, because the power company takes that energy, sells it to your neighborhood, and then when you need it, at night or on a rainy day, it comes back to you absolutely free . The electrical company cannot charge anything for it.

“I have solar heating on my home and I’m very happy, it was a win win for us.”

“ We have natural gas generators. What happens with solar? Does it bring any electricity when the grid is down?”

“Well when the grid is down the solar is down because there/s a switch to it. But there’s a way to fix that problem. It’s not necessarily by code so you have to do what Ilan just suggested, because what we do Is you have a battery, so all your energy continuously being made by the sun is going to the battery ad your house is fully powered. As a matter of fact, after a hurricane when you have sunny days you have so much energy you can provide to a few homes.

What would you say if I had a $400 monthly bill?”

Your bill with the financing will be around $395 and it’s never going to go up. So that’s the answer. I mean how much the system capacity is, it’s very complicated and I cannot do it now.

You save money from day one. It’s all about saving money but also saving the environment”

“What’s the life of the financing?”

“It all depends we tailor it to your needs. It can be 10, 15, years it all depends. There’s no prepayment penalty. It’s the best kind of financing you can get.”

Okay obviously this is very interesting , thank you very much [applause]


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