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    Yes. We cover all of the set up and permitting costs, arrange funding for the system that keeps your energy costs at or below their current level, and you get 30% of the total cost back as a tax credit from the Federal Government. Because solar loan payments are fixed, and your utility costs are no longer tied to Florida Power & Light, they are no longer subject to rate increases. This helps your budget in the future while increasing the value of your now energy expense-free home.
    Making monthly payments on a solar loan is like putting money into a savings account. You no longer have to pay utility costs while the total gross cost of the system is typically added to the listing price of your home, so you get every penny you invested in the system back when you sell your home, minus the interest the finance company charges.
    By replacing the energy your home uses with clean, solar energy, you reduce the amount of fossil fuel FPL must burn to light your house. The average “net-zero home” (a home that produces all of the energy it uses from sustainable sources) saves the same amount of energy needed to drive 4 cars for 28 years and has the same effect on the planet as planting 155 trees a year.
    The time between completing the paperwork until the day we install your panels depends on your local municipality’s permitting process. The average time from the initial meeting to installation day is 3-4 months.
    Our panels are warrantied for 25 years. The labor and other parts are guaranteed for five.
    No! On the contrary, your roof will be stronger because of the way the panels are connected. Our systems are rated for up to 180mph winds– more than a Category Five hurricane. The panels are extremely strong. You can drive a pickup truck over them and they won’t break!
    While it may seem like a good idea to install as many panels as will fit on your roof, we highly advise against having more panels than you need. Our systems are designed to breakeven (so your electrical bill from FPL is just the $9/month charge to be connected to their system). When the sun is out, your system produces more electricity than you consume, and FPL sells that excess to your neighbors. Then, when you need electricity at night, FPL has to give the same number of kilowatts you provided back to you for free. Generating more than you need beyond that is not a good investment, because FPL only pays about 1/3 of what the power is worth for your surplus (4-5 cents per unit while consumers pay 12.5 cents)

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