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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Energy in Miami

October 29, 2018

When you think of Miami, you probably think of beaches, great weather and delicious food. One of the greatest things about Miami is the climate. And if you’re a Miami resident and would like to save on your energy bills, Miami is one of the best spots to do it. The solar industry is taking off in Miami and it has no plans to slow down.

Why is Miami a great place to utilize solar power?

There are only a few states within the US that experience above average sunshine all year-round, and Florida is one of them. Of course, when you’re known as the Sunshine State, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. On average, Miami enjoys 5.62 sun hours per day. Couple that with 249 days per year with full or partial sun and this sunny city has 1,399 sun hours per year. That equates to a lot of hours that you can generate energy from the sun.

Cost to Install Solar Panels in Miami

Miami has been ranked as one of the lowest cost cities in the United States for solar panel installation. The average cost to install solar panels in Miami is $2 to $3 per watt. Most solar panel systems will last over 25 years and allow the homeowner to save money on their monthly electric bills. Plus, a solar panel system helps create long term value for the home, making it more desirable during a sales process.

Are there incentives to installing solar panels?

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is a federal tax incentive that allow solar customers to save 30% off the entire cost of their solar energy system installation. That includes parts and installation fees. There’s no limit to price of the system, but there is a deadline to receive this incentive. If you are thinking about installing a solar energy system and want to take advantage of this tax incentive, your solar energy system must be installed and in operation by December 31, 2019. Based on current statistics, this federal tax credit will allow an average savings of $3,398 in installation phase of your solar panels.

Florida has its own state based incentives and rebates available as well. Estimates tell us that installing solar panels on your home will almost instantly increase your home’s value by 20%. A Florida state-based incentive is that you don’t have to pay any property taxes on the increase in home value. In Florida, the cost of solar panels are also exempt from sales tax.

How Do I Choose a Solar Energy Company?

There are many solar energy companies available but it’s important to work with a company that you trust and that understand your goals and needs. At Solarimon, we offer a special financing to our customers so that they don’t have to pay out of pocket costs upfront. Our mission to make sure our customers can utilize solar energy to save money on their monthly electric bill and also add value to their home. It’s important that we learn the goals and needs of our customers so that we can deliver exactly what they need.


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