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Effective Renewable Energy Systems: Are Solar Panels a Good Investment?

June 30, 2019

Keeping our planet intact for future generations to enjoy is a driving force behind finding effective renewable energy systems. Climate changes have become more aggressive and consumables of any sort are considered a scarce resource due to ever-growing populations. Fortunately, some of our favorite commodities such as electricity have alternatives.

The best part is, these alternative sources of energy are greener, more efficient, and renewable. So the question remains: Why should we invest in renewable energy?

For some it is as simple as saving money on their electric bill, for others, the reasons are more complexed and driven by long-term goals. Sure saving some money on your monthly bill is a great incentive for going the route of renewable energy, but there are more reasons to look into renewable energy systems for home, office and other applications.

Some reasons for investing in renewable energy systems is because of the overall independence and energy security these types of system have in place. What happens if your power goes out and the electrical company is days away from getting to your neighborhood? Will the food in your refrigerator stay fresh? What will your uncooled home feel like in the blistering Florida heat experienced in the Sunshine State?

When your electricity, wealth and health are all at risk without electrical access, life gets real. Before discovering different types of renewable energy systems, let’s answer a few burning questions about renewable energy.

Why Should We Use Renewable Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels?

For starters, many of us remember back in grade school when they would tell us how precious fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources were. We’ve been told that we are going to eventually run out, and then what will happen? Not only does renewable energy sources reduce global carbon dioxide emissions, but it also allows us to cut down on our reliability to what is considered a very limited resource.

The burning of fossil fuels damages our atmosphere and produces extremely unclean air. Sustainability happens when we develop a way to satisfy our needs for today while ensuring we create proper means for the future to also meet their needs.

To think of it like that, it would be rude to leave our descendants with minimal resources. Sure, we may not be here, but our kids, grandkids and so forth will be! Alternative energies are available and can actually help us become more earth-friendly too. Aside from the most popular, solar energy, there is hydropower, wind energy, and geothermal energy. That’s four alternatives to fossil fuels we can use to save our planet, create energy independence and investing in a smarter more budget-friendly future.

What Types of Renewable Energy Are There?

When it comes to saving money, investing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind for most. Smart and savvy home and business owners understand that investments are made in order to produce a certain outcome later down the road. For those investing in renewable energy, the results are both long-term and immediate. Let’s do a quick rundown of the four types of renewable energy systems that can be used.

Solar Panel Systems

Perhaps one of the most common and largely growing types of renewable energy is solar power. Solar panel installation is becoming a popular site at homes, office complexes and in other areas of cities. They can be planted on the ground for small homes and buildings who cannot support rooftop solar panel systems. Solar panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. Some even use a solar panel system to upgrade their existing roof to something newer and more economically efficient.

Solar panel system by Solarimon

Hydro Power Systems

The use of energy created from water is also another sweet alternative and amazing renewable energy source. If your property is near a regular source of flowing water, you are in luck for you catering to your energy needs! Hydropower isn’t for everyone, but for those that have the ability to source the energy from the water you can really lower your energy bills all while being energy independent. Water flows continuously, so unlike solar panels, diverting our source to run through a turbine creates a constant power source.

While it might take some creative planning, you can create a lasting form of renewable energy that has many advantages over other renewable sources. You also will need a battery source to store the energy that the turbine produces. If you are attached to an energy grid you can also sell back some of the unused energy you produce to earn money, which is always a bonus! This also means that the system will pay for itself easily and quickly.

Demo of Hydro Power Systems
Demo of Hydro Power System – provided by

Wind Turbine Systems

You see them everywhere now. Driving down the road off the coast, in a farmer’s field between the crops, and even on top of skyscrapers in the big cities. Wind turbines are becoming more and more popular as an easy source of renewable energy.

While they are easy to install, there are some drawbacks to having a wind turbine. They can be loud, and some find them less than attractive to look at and some communities don’t allow for them in zoning.

But… If you can get past those issues, you have a wonderful source of energy that is more steady than solar and cost about the same. It is a great investment to take care of all your energy needs instead of needing to obtain a secondary source like solar panel systems which seem to be effective and take up less space than some renewable alternatives.

Wind turbine example

Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal energy uses the heat from the earth to warm your house in the winter, keeping you toasty warm in the winter, and then in the summer, the earth stores the heat deep below, keeping your house cool without the use of air conditioning.

One of the most environmentally friendly systems available, they produce no carbon dioxide and are perfect for those who want to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. As they don’t require any outdoor units like other renewable energy sources, it also supplies a ready source of hot water and reduces the need for air conditioning. On top of all this, geothermal systems can last up to 50 years!

Demo geothermal heating and cooling
Demo of geothermal heating and cooling – provided by

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for Renewable Energy?

When it comes to the different types of renewable energy systems, solar energy is the most popular. The benefits of using solar energy goes beyond the diminishing utility bill you pay every month. Choosing renewable energy over traditional energy lets you become more energy dependent. When the neighborhood loses power, you’ll still be going strong because renewable energy systems allow for power backup in times of emergency. Solar panels with batteries can charge during the day when your energy usage is the least and carry you through the night when you are home and using power. Invest in a brighter greener future with renewable energy systems.

Now all you have to do is find a local solar provider and start investing in your energy efficient future!

For any additional information or if you just want to say your peace, feel free to leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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