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Digging into the Ins and Outs of Hiring a Local Solar Provider

June 23, 2019

Solar is becoming more and more popular as a source of renewable energy for both personal homes and businesses. They are even found on skyscrapers in big cities as a means of running the entire common areas of the buildings. Even today, you can use their energy production to charge your electric car at home.

Having an electric car charging at home can be very beneficial, but finding a solar provider that can provide a quality installation performed by a team of licensed expert engineers. Many will go on the hunt for shortcuts and cheaper alternatives than hiring a single team from a trusted provider. Unfortunately, there are several issues that can arise when taking these type of matters into your own hands. Installing solar panels for your home is not rocket science, but it is an engineering endeavor that requires extensive knowledge and know-how of situational expertise in applying the right technique according to the job in order to ensure a professional, safe and solid solar panel system installation.

By now many of us know how to use the internet to look up and find what we want, but are rankings in search engines good enough? How can you tell if the solar service provider you’ve chosen is right for you?

Luckily there are a few ways you can go about this. First and foremost, you must be inquisitive. Ask questions in order to assess if the company truly knows what they are doing. We’ve collected a few of the best questions to ask when looking for the right solar provider.

Five Questions to Ask When Looking for Solar Panels for Home or Business

Whether your initial search is for “solar provider near me” or “local solar installation company” your work doesn’t stop there. We live in a world where you basically get back whatever you put in. If you’re looking to install solar panels for home or business, then you’ll want to spend a little extra time making sure you are selecting the right solar provider to install solar panels for your home or business.

Your efforts have to extend beyond the simple questions like, “Do you install solar panels?” and “How much does it cost to install solar panels?” In fact, these questions tell you absolutely nothing about the company you’re considering. Stop right there. Throw those questions out of the head. It’s time to properly arm you with the right tools to find the best solar provider in Florida.

1. Ask for Unique Proprietary technology

Some people may ask companies only about the price they can offer. It can lead to a big mistake! Many times “you get what you pay for”low-quality parts, labor and more of the same just like other companies.

Instead, you should ask what makes your product/company different or better than the others? This is where the “rubber meets the road”. You want your provider to have the best technology for a fair price. Don’t shop by price alone.

2. Are You Certified and Licensed to Install Solar Panels?

This can make a difference when it comes to the level of quality and value you will receive. Do not skip out on this question because you will also want to see proof. Ask them what type of certifications and licenses they hold and if you are skeptical, there is no shame in asking to physically examine them.

Professionals are proud of the effort and experience they have and should have no issues elaborating on their credentials. Be wary of places that you are unfamiliar with, have no licenses or certifications. These are put in place for a reason. Installing a solar panel system for home or business is not easy and requires attention to detail, alertness of safety, and the technical knowledge to design, create and engineer your solar system from scratch.

3. Do You Outsource Any Part of The Installation Process?

This is another one of those important questions. The last thing you want is to hire a company and then have an off branded work crew show up from a company that has no experience with solar installations. It doesn’t mean your experience will be bad, but what is the “outsourced” company credentials and are they licensed to do the job? This is why it is best to ensure your work will be done by one team of trusted professional installers from the company you hired, not an outsourced freelanced crew.

Make sure you know who is doing your solar panel installation for your home or business. Make sure the company you hired have experience and license. When there is a long experience in General Contracting it is a plus, since it is the highest license there is for Solar installation, Roofing Air Conditioning and all other complex issues of Construction.

4. What Type of Hardware Do You use?

This question involves a series of small questions.

For instance, you will want to know what type of products they and use and the manufacturers they use. Find out the module name as well as the inverter in order to better understand the system they are recommending.

Along with this, you can ask about fasteners, mounts and racking that the solar provider will use. This will allow you to look up certain areas of the solar system you have questions about as well as read reviews and testimonials not only on the company but on the products they use too.

5. Ask for Proof of Work?

This is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of finding a professional company. Ask them about local work they’ve done. This can act as a reference you can drive by and visually see for yourself.

Answers: How to Find a Trusted Solar Company?

Solar panel system installation projects are not small and not using a professional can hurt your investment instead of making it an asset. Solar systems are designed to last for over 30 years, but an improperly installed system can fail much quicker than that. The reason you would want to go with a local solar provider that has its own team of experts and engineers is that it provides peace of mind. Permits must be approved by local city government departments and require someone with technical expertise that knows how to accurately design a solar panel system that will provide the best alternative to traditional energy and follows all city ordinances accordingly.

By properly doing due diligence and your homework, I know, no one likes doing homework. But then again, no one likes wasting money by not going with a qualified professional from the start. Understand your solar needs and choose a solar provider that is competent, reliable and professional.

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