Together we can add a valuable asset to your home or business, and save the planet with solar panel arrays and with no out-of-pocket expenses.


    Building Sustainable Communities

    Solarimon was founded on the philosophies of community, sustainability & environmental advocacy. At Solarimon, we believe that green energy is the next big step toward saving the planet and building more sustainable communities. It’s great if one house on the block utilizes solar energy. Our goal about the future is to see entire neighborhoods taking advantage of this abundant source of energy, for a far-reaching impact on the health of our planet.

    Learn about our approach to solar energy, Which is based on using the sustainability of the sun. This is an unlimited source of energy that doesn’t hurt our planet. It is considered a clean, renewable resource and we are excited that we have the technology available to utilize it for our customers.

    About Our Process

    Every solar installation project begins with an on-site assessment of the home and energy needs. During the assessment, one of our engineers will measure the size of the roof and use a “Solar Pathfinder” to calculate sun exposure and panel placement efficiency.

    We then calculate about the home’s solar potential and your current energy needs. Finally, we recommend the best system for needs and goals.

    Unlike many other solar companies, we have a unique financing offer that requires no out of pocket expenses. We can explain this financing opportunity to you during your on-site assessment, or you can give us a call and we can walk you through it over the phone. We are grateful to be able to give this financing option to clients so that solar power can be an affordable addition to their home.

    The Solarimon team has a combined 12 years experience in the industry and is excited to be able to bring solar power energy to their home state of Florida. We hope to help 50% of Florida homes to be entirely powered by solar energy by the year 2025.

    What our customers say

    It was surprisingly simple. We signed. They installed. We started making money on day one. Can’t recommend them enough.

    Esther Minton


    Doing something good for mother earth, saving money, and raising the value of our home – what’s not to love?!

    Jeremy Coyle


    It feels good to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

    Nicole Brunazzo


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